Alive I am

2016-06-19 03:58:24 by WhoaJoe

I maked a picture...

I posted-ed it...

Anything and Everything

2016-01-23 21:45:24 by WhoaJoe

After reading many comments from my latest work, it has become apparent that video game parodies are a bit overdone in today's world. I do apologize about the piece being very close to Egoraptor's fan favorite Pokeawesome. Being a starting out 'one man band' of sorts in the world of animation, my perspective is limited, which limits the quality of my work. Everyone's comments have been helpful, and I will adjust my focus accordingly to produce the best and most entertaining flash. Prior to this, my objective was to get well aquainted with drawing and animation in general and improve my skills, while sacrificing my imagination to produce low risk parody one offs of familiar video game franchises. Now that I better understand what people want and my ability to make stuff has improved over the last few months, I'm changing my focus to produce more original animation, hopefully without sacrificing anything else that might degrade the quality of the work.

I do recognize that many people enjoyed the animation and to that I say thank you for your feedback and for overlooking any issues others may have found/pointed out.

And to be absolutely clear, my current and unchanging focus of making animation is to entertain you, the audience.

That is my goal.